New In: All thing everything pink

At the moment I am quite obsessed with everything in pink shades, which is reflects in my purchases: ) I am totally in love with this fab pink dress from H&M Conscious Exclusive. Looks like something from Saint Laurent: Pink dress from H&M Conscious Exclusive   This sweet pleated powder dress from H&M: Powder dress from H&M   And finally this light pink dress from Message: Rose dress from Message   Follow me on Instagram: @selshi

Weekend shopping for my workouts

I’ve finally started working out again after a long period of only walking and not much else due to my pregnancy.  Every Friday I go for one hour of Pilates at Pilates Cph here in Copenhagen together with my babyboy. It is very effective  and I hope to soon be ready to do some more intense workouts. I really need some new workout clothes (as I don’t fit most of what I already have), so I did some online shopping in the weekend at   Top Top Tights

New In: Pink for Parties

So yeah I’m 100% on board with the color of this Spring/Summer: PINK! Recently I’ve bought a good deal of pink items for my wardrobe. In this post, I’ll just show the two items, that kind of got me started on a pink shopping spree : D First I bought these fab Stine Goya Marta heels in pink glitter: Stine Goya Marta Heels …AND I also bought this amazing pink glitter bag fra Saint Laurent. It was on sale at (unfortunately it is sold out by now). The heels and bag made look for more pink items to include in my wardrobe such as dresses, hoodies. I’ll try and show you some more pink must haves in a later...

How to get ready for a photo shoot, when you are a zombie?

Some of you might know that I gave birth 2 months ago. From last Wednesday till this Tuesday, I was alone with my baby boy, because my boyfriend was shooting a music video in the Canary Islands. On top, I had my final oral defense exam before my Master Thesis at CBS yesterday. Today I had a photo shoot for the Danish dealsite Tilbud i Byen, so I had to look my best even though I was feeling (and looking!) like a zombie. This is what I did to ensure, I was ready for the shoot: Relax: Yesterday after my exam, I only did a few practical tasks at home and then relaxed on the couch with an episode of Black...

He’s my Baby Boy

For those of you who don’t already know, I want to share some great news  (well at least for me personally) with you. A month ago on 8th of December I gave birth by C-section to the sweetest little baby boy. Everything went fine thanks to the professional staff at the hospital (Rigshospitalet) and we went home after two nights at the hospital. Today we went to a standard 5 week check up at our doctor with our little baby boy. He has gained a lot of weight, all of his reflexes are working just fine and the doctor complimented him a lot (#proudmommy).   Follow me on Instagram: @selshi  

New In: Monki and ZARA

I have just received these funky jeans from Monki: Monki Kimono Eyes Jeans I really like the design and look forward to wearing them with a simple tee or knitted sweater for a casual look. I have also received these boots with cool details today: Zara boots   Follow me on Instagram: @selshi 

New In: H&M

I have been doing quite some online shopping lately. In the end of my pregnancy I did not find any real joy in shopping for clothes (ooh the horror! ; ) ). I just went for whatever looked ok and that I could fit into without getting a even bigger silhouette 😉 My velvet obsession might be slightly exaggerated at the moment!   Velvet body Velvet skirt Bodycon dress   Follow me on Instagram: @selshi

New In: &OtherStories

Some weeks ago I went shopping at Frederiksberg Centret. I was going to Copenhagen Business School to work on an exam project in entrepreneurship, but I couldn’t resist to go shopping first. &OtherStories iPhone 5 cover in blue velvet &OtherStories shirt with shooting stars  

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I hope you all had an amazing evening. I was at home with my boyfriend and my newborn babyboy.  We enjoyed a nice 3 course NYE dinner bought at Restaurant Asador here in Copenhagen. My boyfriend also had a cocktail menu to match the food. We watched the Queens New Year speech, listened to some music and danced a bit in our living room. At midnight we popped a bottle of Brut Crémant and had some kransekage (wreath cake).  It was a great NYE, but very different since we normally travel to some exotic places or celebrate with dinner and party together with some of our friends.   How did you celebrate the transition from 2016 to...

New In: Teddybear leather jacket from H&M

Actually I wanted to buy this jacket in camel, but when I checked some days ago I couldn’t find it, so guess it is sold out. But sometimes things happens for a reason apparently, because this morning I realized that a black version was now available. I have been dreaming about the classic black Velocite shearling jacket from Acne since forever (or so it seems), but I guess I have to be a bit realistic sometimes (not that I’m very good at that particular task 😉 ). I’m pregnant with a little babyboy (due 18 December), still a student (going to write my Master Thesis next year) and working freelance (projects of my own and for others) so I can’t...

New In: ZARA Shopping in Rome

So of course I did some shopping in Rome. Here is what I bought in ZARA to wear this autumn and winter: Jacquard knitted leggings Grey frilled trousers Velvet dress in dark pink Oversize velvet dress in dark navy Black leather ballet flats with studded straps You gotta love ZARA! Follow me on Instagram: @selshi

New In: Casual pinstripe suit from H&M

Sorry for the silence here, but I’ve been busy with my new semester at Copenhagen Business School and attending a lot of relevant events and workshops about social media, online marketing, copywriting etc.  Also being pregnant means a lot of appointments with hospitals, midwife, doctors etc., so my calendar is my best friend at the moment. So what to wear, when you are a business woman and student, but also pregnant and you just want to be comfortable? One of my best suggestions is this casual pinstripe suit in navy/white from H&M.   This suit is not completely new, but I couldn’t find it online last time I checked. I almost live in this suit at the moment! Have a...